January 6, 2015

3D Printed Mixee Bag

3D Printed Mixee Bag

I wanted a new bag, so I 3D printed one! Here’s the first ever Mixee Bag. It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s a mighty fine lookin’ start.

Yes, this bag is fully 3D printed on a desktop printer. And yes, the hinges are printed in place. And yes, it is functional. I’ve been using the cross body version below for the past month walking around NYC. It has replaced my old tote.

I had to figure out how to make 3D printed plastic flexible and, well, bag-like. The triangles are hinged, so the “fabric” can fold.

But why stop at the tote? This is 3D printing after all. And with 3D printing, each print can be customized. So I created a system that can generate different sizes and styles. For example, a cross body bag with a long, twisted link chain.

I also made a wallet. Well.. I made a few wallets. There are so many colors to try. By using a heated bed, I can create a smooth and shiny surface. Mmm.. shiny!

The clasp is magnetized so the bags and wallets just snap shut, because nobody likes fiddling around with buttons and buckles.

Each side of the bag is printed in one piece. The hinges on each surface are printed in place, so the “fabric” moves and bends right out of the printer.

The two sides are then manually assembled together using 3D printed components that snap into place.

I’m still iterating on the design. Trying out different geometries, sizes, colors, chains, hinges, all sorts of fun stuff. So the story of the Mixee Bag is to be continued. Stay tuned!

Originally published in the Mixee Labs Blog.