Sep 25, 2014

Playing for Others

Playing for Others

The difference between good and great pianists Good pianists focus on telling stories. Great pianists focus on how their audience hears their stories. Good pianists play for themselves. Great pianists play for others.

Jun 22, 2014

Dog Park Friends

I love the dog park. Sure, it smells a little funny, and you have to be wary of you step. But the happiness radiating from the dogs is contagious. The dog park brings

Apr 20, 2014

Internet Dog Treat Dispenser (v2)

Internet Dog Treat Dispenser (v2)

A few weeks ago, Ajax our dog started having separation anxiety issues—-he would cry bloody murder when we left him alone in the apartment. We crate trained him when he was 6

Apr 6, 2014

Why I Use and Recommend Blender

Why I Use and Recommend Blender

When I need to model a 3d part or work with another designer’s files, I almost always turn to Blender. I use it in my spare time to design 3d printed household

Mar 25, 2014

Why 2048 is addicting

Why 2048 is addicting

Yes… that is my phone. 2048! Over the past few weeks, a game called 2048 has hit the scene. In a short time, there’s been many spin offs and variations of the

Mar 23, 2014

3D Printing as a Software Problem

A few weeks ago, two articles in 3d printing caught my eye. Both writers talked about how they wish their 3d printer was better. Upon closer read, I realized that a lot of

Mar 18, 2014

The World Goes Round and Round

I am old enough to notice the past repeating itself. When I was younger, I remember some old guy told me that fashion was cyclical. The same styles come back, fade out, and

Mar 17, 2014

Outside my 3D Printed Bubble

I went to MIT this weekend for Healthcare’s Grand H@ckfest []—and we got first prize! I brought my 3d printer so we can print an physical prototype,

Mar 14, 2014

What It's Like to Build a 3D Printer

Most 3d printers are still hand assembled. The hands might belong to factory workers, or oftentimes, they belong to the end user. Most 3d printer companies sells kits that you then assemble. I’

Mar 14, 2014

A Printer for Hackers

The trend today in 3d printing is hitting it big with the consumers. With everyday people. Printer companies are making their printers more and more sleek. The idea of the “one button” push